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My new website

2009-09-13 21:37:37 by nate00nob


thats the website everyone it has a chat room games videos blogging and music


2009-09-12 13:18:53 by nate00nob

i might have my own website called or somethin wen i make it ill give yo homies the link k

the website will have a chat room some games and youtube soo lets just see wat happens

i will just type some crap in a mitute

ok was up how could ya be so heartless me like gurls and crap so sup homiesblah blah blah

ay sup

2009-09-12 13:13:45 by nate00nob

hiow it goin just go done with breakfeast burrito

please sont think im not smart cuz i like to spell words rong ive been a member since 09 nba playoffs wen da nuggets played the movs and i was on tv on TNT but thats was a long time ago i have a huge interest in sports violoence gurls music FUN and one more thing let me think a mintueHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHMMM and vid games and sience

fav artist: Kanye west
oh dont forget that i heart nike
Blah blah blah

ay sup

how do i use flash to make art

2009-07-19 12:28:46 by nate00nob

how how how

if you want me to help you at stuff like music games movies and art i'll give you some pointers i'm free but i'll help all not just one im free to all and i will help all who needs help i just don't make anything accept art

also try emailing me at nate00nob@yahoo or either one works cuz i have two email addresses

want some pointers to help be a great ng portal in art games movies and more!!!

i type so fast this only took five secs

yo sup i lost

2009-06-29 16:44:01 by nate00nob

yesterdayi had baseball and i lost the championship game by 2 runs i pitcher stunk those last couple innings but we got a medal for second

When will they scout me!?!

2009-06-26 13:22:37 by nate00nob

They won't scout me or the art portal they are pookie little puppies get them to hurry up people.

When will they scout me!?!

Art Portal

2009-06-19 17:32:10 by nate00nob

Everyone can be an artist. Just make a drawing and put it on the computer or go to a thing called paint where you paint save it and put it on the computer.

Art Portal

Who's King Dancer

2009-06-18 11:36:09 by nate00nob

Last night after baseball practice we did a dance-off and guess who won... mmmeeeeeeeee!!! I got this awesome trophy ball my coach got at the Rockies game me and my teamates went to and we were on the big screen twice and we got to walk around the field!!! At both events I wore either Nike cleets or basketball shoes. After the dance-off when I got the trophy ball everyone started cahing me the whole entire field legnth then the tackled me just me and they tried to steal the ball!!! Its's like this Sandlot story or something...


Thanks to the Nike shoes that helped me win.

Plus I'm retiring so no one will be the actuall belt holder just a paper champ. Ohhhh WHO'S KING I AM THATS RIGHT NOOB2000 YOU CAN'T KILL THE KING NNNNNOOOOOOOOO ONE CAN INFACT I'M NOT JUST A DANCER I'M A CHICK MAGNET AND A BALL PLAYER







BYE BYE NATE00NOB@YAHOO.COM is my email address oh no caps either

Who's King Dancer