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how do i use flash to make art

2009-07-19 12:28:46 by nate00nob

how how how


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2009-07-19 12:45:41

get the latest version of Gimp for a beginner it is a great art tool and is free and the latest I think is 2.6 :D If you have a tablet google tablet interface drawing programs and choose what suits u


2009-07-27 23:03:03

go to and search for Macromedia Flash MX. then click "download" then when u r done, just use flash 2 draw, like u normally do... then File > Export > Export Image > and save ur file


2009-09-01 17:51:36

Delete all of your art submissions, now.

The art portal is meant for actual art, not your shit from MS Paint.